Accelerating blockchain adoption

Blockdata is your business’s one-stop-shop for adopting blockchain, we combine inspiring content and objective data to help you analyse projects and make decisions with confidence.

We inspire

Our content will inspire you to adopt the tech that has the potential to evolve your business.

We simplify

Our platform gives a great overview of the ecosystem as a whole, as well as individual projects.

You decide

Solid and objective data lets you make future-proof decisions with confidence.


Specialized solutions

for major players

We’ve got specialized services for governments, financial institutions and enterprises that help you to build, buy or adopt the projects that you need. Before you know you need them.

Optimized research

A set of specialized filters and graphs help to scope out and visualize the projects and use cases that would otherwise remain unseen and gives you the clearest image of the ecosystem available.

Deep understanding

Fully grasp the complexities of the ecosystem with full access to both our research and exclusive CB Insights research. And get answers directly from one of our analysts to get to the deepest understanding.

Building blockchain

Looking for enterprise adoption?

We are passionate about connecting your project, product or token to the businesses looking for it.


Exclusive insights into the ecosystem

To promote adoption and understanding, we produce content and research about projects, use cases and best practices of the blockchain space. And through our newsletter, you’ll be first the know all about it.


Objective data is at the heart of confident decision-making

Anything you do in business should be backed up by objective data. That goes doubly for adopting fast-moving tech like blockchain. Our objective and verified dataset helps you discover, predict and decide with confidence.


The cleanest dataset

Every piece of information you see has been carefully checked.

1. Research

We research all public sources and merge the data with info from claimed projects.

2. Verify

Our researchers verify each piece of data we gather on every single project.

3. Classify

All our data is tagged, classified and indexed by tech, industry and use case.


The most comprehensive dataset

10,000+ Profiles

Including both startup and corporate profiles.

3000+ products

Of any type, both released and still in development.

900+ tokens

Including tokens from the world's most popular exchanges.


Our features help you answer the most important questions

More than raw data, we’ll help you discover projects, understand use cases, explore a project’s true potential and we’ll even help you stay up-to-date.


Our powerful search helps you discover the right projects and use cases for your business.


Blockdata News helps you filter the noise and read the news that’s relevant to you.


Discovering projects is easier than ever with our extensive filtering options.