Data policy

Last updated: 19/04/2021

The legal bit:

Whilst Blockdata makes every effort to ensure the data is best represented at a high quality, the data is provided “as is”. The burden of fitness of the data lies completely with the user. The accuracy of any user’s statistical analysis and any reported findings are not the responsibility of Blockdata (CBInsights BV). Nothing arising from the data should be taken to constitute Blockdata’s professional advice or a formal recommendation. Blockdata is not responsible for data management after extraction and transmission to the recipient. This Data Disclaimer may be revised in our discretion and shall be referenced and incorporated into all client’s subscription agreement

Blockdata’s platform is for your information only. It does not constitute investment advice, or advice on tax or legal matters. Blockdata is not accountable for any decisions on the purchasing or selling of certain blockchain/DLT financial instruments (cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, security tokens or any other blockchain/DLT investable-related instrument).

About our data:

Blockdata has three channels of data in-flow which are used to keep our platform up-to-date.

  1. Blockdata’s automated data intake.
  2. Blockdata’s manual research methods and data input
  3. Vendors that submit data via various forms provided by Blockdata

These channels are utilized to provide users with a comprehensive dataset. Blockdata platform aims to be the “first port of call” should you wish you conduct research on a specific secor and/or project in the DLT ecosystem

For any particular comments or inquiries about our data collection methods, please reach out to

Paid data sections:

All core data fields go through a standard Blockdata data-vetting process however, companies are able to ‘upgrade’ certain sections of their profile with added information via a paid offering. These specific fields are designed to enable an organisation to “show off their product” but they are clearly marked so users are able to deduce which information is part of this paid offering.


In all cases data is checked by at least 1 person before going live into the platform. What does ‘checking’ mean?

We use our knowledge of the ecosystem to try and understand the product so it passes a ‘plausibility’ test, we will then cross reference material that we can find on the internet and within our own platform to validate if the claims are indeed true.

In some cases, we may ask companies to provide proof of certain data points.

What if I find something that is wrong?

Please let us know and we will correct the data if applicable and investigate how the mistake happened. We always know which of our team members put in data so we can backtrack to that point.

What system do you use?

We have our own custom built data administration that keeps a track of all of the data points, as well as audit functionality to make sure data is checked before going live. This ensures we have full and final control over everything that is shown.

Fun fact: Blockdata was founded in Airtable, so our back end admin slightly reflects that!

Do you get/give data from/to CBInsights?

Yes we do, on a frequent basis we will exchange data with CBInsights (our parent organisation) to ensure we are not doing double work and enrich each other’s datasets.