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Deadline to submit: 11:59 PM CET on FEBUARY 2nd, 2021


Executive Summary

If you are reading this, it’s because we think you meet our inclusion criteria for our “Execution Strength Position” (ESP) Matrix. You may have heard of similar matrixes, but at Blockdata and CBI our focus is on both promoting and acknowledging the innovators who are building established businesses. We believe in creating a fair representation of the blockchain ecosystem. We therefore would like to get in contact with you to conduct an analyst briefing.

The aim of conducting this ESP is to show the overall market and your (potential) institutional clients the relative strength of various vendors in the hope of increasing adoption and trust within the ecosystem. All the whilst, reducing the amount of time they spend on conducting their own research to select the best vendors for their needs.

What is an analyst briefing?

In short, an analyst briefing gives a market intelligence firm (in this case Blockdata) the opportunity to understand in more depth what you are doing. It is a personal approach that guarantees our data is accurate and considerate to your business acumen and accomplishments. It is of the utmost interest of Blockdata to share our knowledge, but to also respect your privacy of information on the grounds that we desire to be trusted by all industry participants.

We acknowledge that within the Blockchain and DLT ecosystem a number of companies have not done analyst briefings before, and thus recommend this reading; click here

Blockdata has a 2 stage approach for these briefings:

1. An online form to collect information on what your org is doing, this data will also be used for our platform, an example profile is here: https://app.blockdata.tech/projects/coinbase

2. At the discretion of Blockdata, we may invite you for an only analyst call where we will ask you a series of questions and to receive a demo of your product.

Why now & Why custody?

We desire the same thing as you. That is the adoption of blockchain, distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies by the mainstream. At present with so much going on, there seems to be no better time to provide qualitative research that promotes a healthy and innovative ecosystem - particularly arounds crypto asset custody for both individuals and institutions alike. Despite certain regulatory hindrances, we also believe that things are moving in the right direction. Crypto custody has shown incredible growth, strong entrepreneurs and risk takers, on top of notable services that will inevitably push towards faster adoption and mainstream success.

That being said, with more vendors hitting the market and maturing, we believe it is the perfect time to promote and reward those who are establishing themselves as serious players - both accurately and fairly.


1. Take a look at the form so you understand the questions

2. Fill out the questions once you have gathered information

3. Questions marked with a 🔒 are not for our data, but are to ensure we understand you in a bit more depth

4. Wait to hear back from Blockdata if you are invited for a follow up call

5. Get on a call to clarify any points / discuss what blockdata is seeing

6. Wait for live profile on Blockdata

Parties involved

Analyst - Blockdata / CBI

This is the person who will serve as your point of contact at Blockdata, they are part of a team so you may not always speak to the same person but we will try!

Vendor response/analyst relations team

This is you or a member of your team who deals with analysts. It is most often coordinated by the marketing team.

Customer references

These are your customers, sometimes we may ask to be connected to them or if we already know them, ask them for their experiences when using your product.

A profile on blockdata?

Yes, your data will be used to update your public facing profile which has the following benefits:

- Inclusion in the largest and most trusted blockchain company / product directory

- Ensuring inclusion in research where your org is a fit

- Exposure to both our free & paid clients

- The ability to link from your website to ours, as an independent and verified reference of your activities

ESP criteria

Our ranking criteria will be based on a number of variables that comprise of two major categories. First, we look at market strength which involves a company’s business relationships, commercial output, and other key business metrics such as revenue and product readiness. Second, their ability to execute, which involves funding, the quality of the team, advisory and board members, as well as the integration and workings with other third party services and key milestones. The exact criteria is kept under wraps to prevent gaming the system with data.

Blockdata’s analysts will evaluate the overall criteria and data received via the surveys and customer reference calls, which will be measured through a scoring framework. The scoring combined with our analysts industry knowledge of the industry will determine the final outcome of the ranking criteria.

There are three potential inputs into a ESP evaluation:

1) The questionnaire to be completed by vendors

2) A product demo session

3) Customer feedback and reference calls

Who is blockdata?

Blockdata provides differentiated data and predictive insights on the growing but increasingly complex blockchain and distributed ledger technology ecosystem. Their technology enables financial institutions, governments and enterprises to identify the most credible use cases of blockchain and pinpoint the best companies and projects to work with. Ultimately, this enables clients to drastically reduce the uncertainty, time and effort to go from technology discovery to decision.

Blockdata was acquired by CBInsights, a world leading data provider which has given Blockdata a powerful platform for growth. Our research goes directly to over 50% of the fortune 1000 and to over 650k professionals via their newsletter. Learn more here


Do I have to fill in all information?

It is not needed to fill in everything however it is strongly advised to answer as much as possible via the form.

- Information that is required with a *

- All other information is optional

- Fields marked with a 🔒 are for internal use

How will Blockdata use this information?

All fields not marked with a 🔒 will be used by blockdata’s data / research team to update your profile inside our application

Fields marked with a 🔒 are used by our analysts when compiling industry research reports / trends to be able to get a deeper understanding of your organisation.

What is the outcome/result if I don’t submit all the information?

You won’t be penalised but it can affect your ranking as there may be information that we just can’t find on the web. It is in your interest to provide us with as much info as possible.

Do I get to know if I made the final list?

Yes, we will reach out to you before publishing the final list if you made it!

How can I send additional information about my company to Blockdata / CB Insights?

The only way you can submit your information is via the form. We do not accept email applications.

I still have a question?

You can contact us on twitter or via data@blockdata.tech with the topic “ESP”